Today arts against cuts was at the Whitehall kettle with the thousands of other students, including those from colleges and schools. A peaceful protest was turned on its head thanks to incredibly poorly chosen police strategy. 

Kettling students only served to exacerbate the situation, violence broke out and we protesters were forcefully detained until well into the evening. It was one of the coldest days so far this year and protesters had no access to food, water, shelter or toilets (unless you count the one bus shelter and the piss ridden phone boxes). I cant even begin to count how many basic human rights were denied us, not to mention the fact that collective punishment violates the Geneva Conventions, and I do believe that this was an attempt to punish us for our inconvenient actions.

This attempt by the powers that be to discipline this movement for exercising its right to protest against a deeply flawed and socially destructive policy has only served to convince us even further of our convictions in this fight.