Noam Chomsky has expressed his support of the student occupation at UCL:

“Very glad to learn of your protests against the appalling programs being inflicted on England, and hope they awaken others to what is happening. I happen to have returned recently from Mexico, a poor country, unlike the US and UK. I was privileged to speak at the national university, UNAM, and was again impressed by its high quality. Ten years ago the government attempted to introduce tuition, but backed down in the face of mass student protest. It remains free.”

After the Simon Hughes office protest yesterday we visited the occupations of LSBU, SOAS and UCL to show our solidarity. It was really inspiring to see the level of organisation at these occupations, especially at UCL where we stayed for a talk on the London Living Wage. Check out the UCL occupation blog here.

It is incredible news to hear that such great minds as Chomsky are supporting this movement, and equally as important to realise that Mexico’s students have fought this fight already – and won!