Through this intensely awful phone camera photo you may be able to see that arts against cuts was at the CoR organising conference today. It was a really inspiring event, with talks and workshops led by some amazing speakers, notably John McDonnell MP, Lee Jasper (BARAC), Len McLuskey (Unite), Paul Mackney, Mark Serwotka (PCS), Chris Bambery (Right to Work), Stathis Kouvelakis and of course the great Tony Benn.

Throughout the day we looked deeper into the crisis at hand and began to discuss direct action. Four of us from arts against cuts were elected onto the National Council who will be the body that decide in what form and direction the actions of the Coalition will take regarding the campaign against cuts.

This widespread alliance of students, trade unionists, writers, economists, politicians and so many other groups brings our movement incredible strength. The actions of students in the past few weeks was continually brought up as a motivator for the whole of the public sector, and we can now coordinate and continue this fight in solidarity.