Last evening’s rather spontaneous meetings of reps from across art colleges was really a great turn out, with students from the following universities: Kingston, UAL ( LCC, Central St Martins, Chelsea, Camberwell, Byam Shaw), Courtauld, Brikbeck, Slade, Goldsmiths, as well as members of the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination and the Carrot Workers Collective. No RCA reps were present but there were links to RCA activists in the group.

In this meeting we discussed a broader co-ordination of artistic action that we are going to realise within the next week, I hope I speak for the whole group when I say we are all really excited about the outcomes. Some  minutes from the meeting and uploading photos and videos of some of today’s event can be found below. Apologies for the poor photo quality.

UAL Students Visit UCL Occupation

UAL Students Visit UCL

Thinking With Our Knees

Minutes of the meeting:

Spontaneous Cross Arts Coalition Meeting
29.11.10 at the UCL Occupation

First round we introdced ourselves and what is happening on our campuses.

There are good turn outs on demos from Courtauld, RCA, Slade and some UAL campuses. Everyone is excited and wanting to work together across arts campuses to get more people involved but also, to be more precise in our actions.

* Everyone one agreed the need for some art action asap!

Meet at 12 pm at 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square for the Arts Block.

Students at The Slade are planning a weekend festival of art and dissent (title TBA)  from Friday until Sunday, inviting all arts students and lectueres and other demonstrators from across the city to take and offer workshops and training.  The idea is that there will be  call to bring art for a ‘public view’ on friday night. And then  workshops and a planning for a large group action in the city. They have an internal meeting at 9:30 a.m. at the roundtable at the top of the stairs at the main entrance to the Slade. Folks from UaL will attend this meeting and share their cross-arts contact lists.

Action Items in preparation for this weekend:
Slade reps will call all those in attendence at the meeting tomorrow a.m. to let them know the results of their internal meeting.
We will then spread the word to as many groups as possible to come out to the planning sessions and to get involved this weekend.

Open Planning meetings  will take place for all who want to attend at 7pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings THIS WEEK.
Meetings will be held at the top of the stairs in the main Slade building on Gower Street, across from UCL.
It would be great if all groups could send a rep to help to build the programme. (Issa to help with programme)
Contacts at the Slade are:
0789 442 7355
0776 709 1945

Prelim Idea for workshops:

Lab of Insurrectionary  Imagination Workshop on creative direct action
Courtauld Image Jamming workshop
Carrot Workers Media Training (re-located from Golsmiths)
Lectures by people such as David Graeber (debt), nina power, dave burrows ad dave beech etc
What do we want?: Workshop on articulating our demands
Skillshare on getting university admins to take a position on the cuts.
What comes next? building a broad-based arts coalition in alliance with other groups resisting cuts
Performance workshop
Action: going out and laying silently in an area of the city

we have all been invited to contribute to and to use this as an organising platform.
There will be a workshop on how to structure the broad-based coalition on the weekend.
Carrot Workers were proposting a meeting on 12 December but this will be for people to decide during this workshop.