Minutes of the 2nd planning meeting 29.11.10:

  • 2nd meeting of interested creatives in the proposed weekend of arts and dissent to take place within the Slade Occupation (hurrah)
  • Meeting took place between 7.30 – 9.00pm in one of the rooms occupied by the UCL Occupation (ucloccupation.wordpress.com/)
  • In attendance: 17 from the Slade, 10 from UAL, 3 from Space Hijackers (www.spacehijackers.org), 1 from Carrot Workers (carrotworkers.wordpress.com), 4 from Goldsmiths, 1 from Kings, 1 from Kingston, 1 from Courtauld, in addition to several independent artists (apologies if I left you off this list)

Our agenda items were:

  1. Space capacity/facilities/security
  2. Proposals for activity over the weekend
  3. Effective advertising/outreach
  4. Moving forward

Discussions and Resolutions:

  1. Space capacity/facilities/security
  • Concerns about security of personal possessions inside studios and the space itself during the occupation.
  • Slade to elect a security team internally, attempt to secure keys for some or all studio spaces
  • Discussion followed about the ideas of public and private space and the university as a public space (possible workshop idea)
  • Concerns over alcohol consumption verses the policing of any ban on alcohol and the positivity of a fun ‘party’ atmosphere of an occupation. Reference made to the very well run UCL occupation with no issues related to alcohol. Resolution was to make no formal statement about alcohol.
  • Slade facilities include 1 lecture theatre which has a projector/DVD/PA
  • We have full use of the equipment store (!) including data projector
  • Have option to use UCL Occupation rooms and cloisters.
  • Slade will have a better idea of space availability tomorrow (1.12.10)
  • Use of outdoor space

2. Proposals for activity over the weekend

  • With such a broad range of people in attendance many suggestions for contacts, workshops, speakers and events were put forward.
  • Resolution was for concrete suggestions to be e-mailed to sladeoccupation@gmail.com
  • Team will curate a list of events for Saturday. There will be a separate space where people are able to sign up to deliver talks and/or workshops in amongst a free flowing agenda of events.
  • It was agreed that the curated events be tied to the themes of “arts against cuts” rather than used as a platform for self promotion or simple biographical talks.
  • It was decided and strongly supported to have the action of the Slade occupation and the “arts against cuts: long weekend” to be a springboard to further and future activity.
  • There was much discussion about coordinating creative action across the country with other arts institutions and for this action to not be bound by the conventional banner drop. An action point to follow this was for Louis Hartnoll (SUARTS pres) to contact the other Student Union Sabbaticals from art colleges and universities on a national platform.
  • A suggestion was made to have a space on the Saturday to plan for a public/external action(s) to take place on the Sunday.

3. Effective advertising/outreach

  • The visual team made up from members of  The Slade Occupation are to produce flyers/posters etc which can be e-mailed and printed by a range of people
  • A flyering session will be taking place to coincide with First Thursdays (http://www.firstthursdays.co.uk/) meeting point is on Thursday 2nd December at 18.30 at The Salmon and Ball pub (502 Bethnal Green Road,Bethnal Green,London,E2 0EA)
  • Name has been decided by a straw poll selected from a short list generated within the meeting and the title for the weekend event has been collectively decided as ‘Arts Against Cuts: Long Weekend’
  • In addition to the statement put out by The Slade Occupation a paragraph to define the ‘Arts Against Cuts: Long Weekend’ was drafted after the meeting to appear on flyers
  • Suggestion made to make special efforts to engage School and FE students
  • Stickers suggested no confirmation of action
  • Facebook group/event to be set up by Slade

4. Moving forward

  • Meeting scheduled for Sunday eve to plan for ways forward.