Minutes of the Meeting at UCL, 01.12.10

Continuation of series of meetings between interested creative’s in the proposed ‘long weekend’ of arts and dissent to take place using the occupation of Slade and UCL as a platform for further action.

Meeting took place between 19:00 and 21:00 in the cloisters of UCL

Updates on Action Points:

Updates from Slade occupants. We can not assume that Slade space is unusable for weekend.

Vote is on the 9th- how does this affect us? Need to keep up momentum; potential to grow. Sense of urgency must be felt.

Discussions about location & nature of weekend events:

Need space from Fri a.m. to Sun p.m.

Have rolling series of residencies; strategic action maximising on the positive energy.

Pro’s and Con’s of organising/asking permission vs. occupying space were discussed. Advantages were brought up in not incurring criminal damage & being liable for injunctions. However it was noted the need for co-ordinated action and security not being able to predict and expect our moves.

Need numbers; scale.

How to run workshops- approach like an artwork- to generate new ideas. Have to claim our space and stake our position as creatives. Workshops to result in actions not promoting individual artworks/ biographical subject matter.

Mobilise network of artists. It will become a hub for discussion, creating a sustainable group to keep planning future action- this problem won’t go away.

Logistical necessities; controlling doors, need kitchen & toilets.

What we have learnt from Slade Occupation:

Need to control entrances

Have set of demands

Use network of help and support from Jeremy Bentham Occupation and Slade Occupation to protect longevity.

Proposals for weekend’s activities:

FRIDAY: Talks on history of art & activism

Talk on Ecological Literacy & Creative Practice

Session on virtual protest- simultaneous emails to M.P’s

DIY Radio show interviews and broadcast

Rebel Clown Army workshop

Lectures from UAL lecturers

Green and Black Cross- legal support group- will give information and advice.

SATURDAY: workshop on creative resistance- planning action

Talk from Indie Media London

Saturday pm. Pedal powered cinema.

SUNDAY: Workshop on media strategy- the battle of the story

Talk from lecturers from The Birkbeck and Goldsmiths- on activism and performance theory.

Book recycling

Workshop on musical resistance

Plans for next couple of days:

Create a buzz online- Facebook, Twitter, Blogs.

Flyering at East End 1st Thursdays- Meeting at Salmon and Ball (502 Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 OEA). On flyers- Title – ‘Arts Against Cuts Long Weekend’. Include links to Twitter, Blog, Facebook. Location TBC. (Check Arts Against Cuts Blog from Friday p.m)

Open Arts Against Cuts Planning meeting, Dec 2, 7pm, UCL Jeremy Bentham Room

Email provisional times of workshop programme to respective participants