There were a lot of promises of information going up on the blog in this final meeting so just a reminder to do that to all of those that have planned follow up events/meetings. Lets fill this week with creative revolution!

– queer activism workshop: imaginative, theatrical and subversive ways of protest. three proposed actions:
– santa claus group; carol singing at harrods. tuesday 8pm at SOAS to plan.
– property developers; turn british library into a beauty spa
– front bench of parliament; mimicking front bench of coalition, costumes, blue yellow ties. walking around shoulder to shoulder as they sit in the commons/also using themselves as a barrier.

– Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination: discussing characterisation and breaking down the way that characters are presented by the media (eg; student) then satirically reconstructing the stereotypes.
– artist as bees: the gaps of a world without art and artists // idea of cross pollination
– no concrete plans but ideas that could be applied – humming noise of bees, movement of bees in protests
– artist cull: hunting them on the street as we apparently don’t need them anymore
– siren going off while the vote is being taken

– book bloc: book shield making for thursdays actions. meeting on tuesday 9pm at space studios, details will be up on the blog. bring materials to make more books.

– coalition of resistance: defence of the arts and culture against the cuts. wednesday 15 lucas arms 7:30pm: meeting for fight back against cuts, will be put up on the blog, to come up with as many creative ideas for resistance as possible.

– slade occupation: solidarity march on greek embassy, meet 1pm tomorrow at holland park tube station

– green and black cross legal: talked about marches, police tactics for gathering information issue, bust card handed around. also climate camp bust info on the internet, request for link of blog
– LII proposes workshop on tuesday 4:30 UCL.

– invisible theatre: happens in public space without public being aware, to spread debate. follow up meeting mentioned. raising the collective voice – one person speaks and everyone copies with intentions of how to speak as a big crowd, and to speak in a way that sounds less like just a crowd chanting. link to rhetoric skills possessed by the privileged

– newspaper idea hoped to happen on tuesday: stand still holding an open paper with fake cover and block public space. meeting requested after this.

– RCA: tuesday 6:30pm meeting, help get RCA students engaged in this movement.

– goldsmiths: 10am monday, anthropology teach in in new academic building, everyone invited back

– question raised about what is happening on thursday
– call to meet at 12 at ULU on thursday: flyer will be posted on blog.
– late morning just be in the area because something will be happening.

– LII has made book about the untold stories from history of art and activism, offers one out to all the art schools. will try to get pdf/physical copies out to everyone else.
– origami owl tuition offered to occupations, will be put on the blog.