Inspired by, and in solidarity with the Italians and their demo against Berlusconi’s education reforms an assemblage of life-size books are being constructed for this Thursday’s national demonstration against the cuts.

With Arts and Humanities a particular target for UK cuts this is a literal display of literary resistance. Please come and join the workshop at 5pm on Tuesday, Dec 7 at Space Studios (129-131 Mare St, Hackney)

We need materials!!! Please bring cardboard, gaffer tape, paint, brushes, poystyrene, foam, bubblewrap, knives, scissors….anything you can find.
If you are making a book at home bring it on the 9th to the ULU, Malet St, at 11.00am.

Books ready to protest include:-

The Magna Carta

Adorno – The Culture Industry

Luther Blisset – Q (out on loan from Italy)

Dante – The Inferno

Homer – The Odyssy (in symapthy with the Greeks)

Shelley – Frankenstein

Heller – Catch 22

Beckett – Endgame

Add your favourite titles…line them up on the 9th.