Tuesday 7th December 6.30pm

RCA Café Kensington

In response to widespread budget cuts by the Coalition government, students at the Royal College of Art are holding a late-night skill-sharing event at the College’s Student Union café in Kensington from 6.30pm on Tuesday, 7th December. A cold snap of unprecedented cuts to arts and humanities education and a proposed rise in tuition fees is upon us. As artists and educators, the land before us lies wasted and frozen. Unless we unite and fight.

The evening will open up networks and collaborative efforts by students, staff and artists – marry up thinkers and doers, join working hands with working solutions. A parliamentary vote on whether to lift the cap on university fees is set for Thursday, 9th December. The time for debate is over. We all know where we stand. We all know what we stand to lose. We need to resist. Now.

The Royal College of Art is the UK’s only postgraduate art institution. Its reputation is unparalleled – its teachers are masters in their craft and it draws its students from all walks of life. Uncapping university fees will put the College’s unique culture and legacy out of reach to all but the wealthiest students. Studying for an MA at the RCA is serious business. If the Coalition gets its way, it will just be a business.

Add your voice, bring big ideas. We know it’s bloody cold outside – warm us with the heat of political anger, not hot air. Come ready for action, not reaction.