Tonight’s meeting in the occupied library of Goldsmiths College outlined some very interesting plans for action in the next few days. Stay tuned for the info as it breaks..

Also, heres the Goldsmiths occupation statement:

Dear friends, 

We are students from Goldsmiths College who have occupied our library in opposition to the wave of cuts currently threatening our education system, and our local community, being imposed upon us by the current government. We have released a list of demands to the senior management team of our university. However we also think it’s vital that our actions don’t take place in a bubble, separated from the local community. The events of the last few weeks have proven that South East London is a hub of radical political action against this social vandalism.

With this in mind, we want to open up our occupation to all local residents- both as a library, and as a resource and organising base for community groups and actions that share our goals of fighting against welfare and education cuts and government attacks on the vulnerable. As such, we would like to open a channel of communication with your group in order to help us work together. We are hosting a community wide meeting of local groups tomorrow (Wednesday 8th December) at 7:30pm in the main foyer of the Library in order to discuss our shared goals and practical ways we can work together. We realise that is short notice but we only occupied our library yesterday night, and we want to start using the space as soon as possible! Please let us know if you’re able to attend- or please circulate this e-mail around your e-mail lists as you see fit.

Hope to see you on Wednesday- although the community is welcome to come and talk to us, and use our facilities, at any time- we’re now open 24 hours through student power.
Yours in solidarity

the Goldsmiths Occupation

Goldsmiths, University of London
Lewisham Way
New Cross
London SE14 6NW