Cultures of Occupation and Demonstration: 2010/1968/1917

In the context of numerous student occupations of their universities and mass demonstrations the seminar Marxism in Culture has organised a special session on 17th December at the Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, 5:30 until about 8:15. All welcome.

As you can see from the lineup below arts against cuts are making an appearance. As mentioned at the meeting last night it is planned to be a group presentation with as many people on the stage from aac as possible. If you want to be part of this meet at 4pm TODAY outside the Senate House main entrance to plan.


Steve Edwards  Introduction
Sophie Buckland  UCL Occupation
Daniel Lemberger Cooper  Royal Holloway Occupation
Jacob Bard Rosenberg  Birkbeck Occupation
Arts Against Cuts
Esther Leslie  Free Universities and Self-Managing Education
Warren Carter  Atelier populaire oui, Atelier bourgeois non: Posters and Graffiti in May ’68
Alberto Toscano  Between the Sociological Imagination and the Negative University: The Occupations of the Sociology Faculty at Trento, 1966-68
David Mabb  Street Art of the Russian Revolution: Students, Teachers, Artists

Looks awesome, see you there!