Today is the NCAFC conference, at UCL from 11am. More info here.

Tomorrow there is the Cuts! Climate! Action! teach in on climate change and the cuts, which will be held at SOAS Russell Square campus in room B102, Brunei Gallery. Map here.

The teach in will feature talks on:
* Bread and butter issues: food, fuel, transport, work and welfare
* Stopping the cuts: who’s doing what?
* Where is the money going? From bailouts to subsidies to tax evasion, what has the money been spent on and what could it pay for instead?
* What do we want? The growth, austerity and climate justice debate
* Turning information into action

On sunday there is also a comprehensive legal observer training session from Green and Black Cross at the G2 Lecture Theatre – Ground floor of SOAS, Vernon Square campus. Map here. It’s a session for anyone that is interested in legal oberserving and wants to get the full run down on how to deal with the police, take witness statements, support people who are assulted and arrested and learn more about the law and protesting. For more details email gbclegal(at)

Have a good weekend!