A message of solidarity from the really free school to arts against the cuts…. @34-35 Fitzroy Square, London

Fellow FreeSchoolers,

Our time in this space may be coming to an end, but it is by no means the end of the cultural significance that is the historically reoccurring idea of the freeschool.

From 6 o’clock onwards Friday 18th February, there will be a massive street soiree to celebr∞ and continue this temporary autonomous zone, before Richie Rich’s latest purchase gets turned into yet another rich man’s cliché.

Bring a dish and join us in the square; expect games, musical minstrels, the tinkling of ivories, song and dance, hood talk, a banquet, a radical history tour & more.

It never was about mansions, nor b-list bad film makers – zhumba continues to spread, join us on the streets and let this joyous celebration be known to one and all!


Let’s make this last 4eva.
See you on the streets.