Tired of the same old shitty protest chants??
This is a call out for ideas for songs and lyrics for the demo on the 26th.
There are going to be lots of kids and families on the demo, who could be on their first demonstration. Some estimates have said that it may take over 4 hours before everyone leaves Embankment!! That is a long time for peopel to start getting miserable…so lets cheer them up with some cheesey protest tunes!!!
There is a group who are going to be at the start of the official march and different feeder marches ready to teach protesters the new songs, make hymn sheets etc. …all we need are some ideas.
We want songs and chants that
— will put a smile on your face
— contain provocative facts or refer directly to some elements of justice (tax avoidance, unemployed, libraries closing, 23 millionares in cabinet)
— some short simple and catchy the crowd can easily learn
— as well as longer ones to be performed over p.a.
— to the melodies of popular songs (old cheesey pop tunes [got to have one Abba-styley], christmas choons ‘jingle bells, nick clegg smells…’)
Post them on the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171433182907549
Or send me an email vishal.vikram.chauhan@gmail.com
AND come to our meeting on Friday 18th 7pm at the Really Free School  to discuss different ways to use sounds on the 26th
(This meeting will also be about physical theatre and interactive games to play with protestors along the route and at some of the end points. Lets create an atmosphere that makes people want to stay after the demo and feel welcomed.
Some good examples:
‘Hey hey david…HOO! HA!
I want no know-ow-ow-ow If you’ll pay my fees’
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKFTtYx2OHc Common people (Tory bashing version)
also look to Joe Hill for inspiration
Shit one’s we just made up (just to show you how much help we need!!!):
To the beat of Mamma Mia by ABBA (brace yourselves this is pertty cheesey!!)
“David Cameron, here you cut again
My, my, how can we resist you”
To Jingle Bells theme
‘Jingle Bells, Nick Clegg smells
The country’s down the drain
O what fun it is to survive
On the dole and min-mum wage’
Finally…to really concretise our inability as lyricists to the tune of 100 green bottles
“23 millionaires sitting on the wall…23 millionaires sitting on the wall
and if one corrupt millionaire were to accidentally fall
We’d all be cheering from scotland to vauxhall”