Many people are asking why occupy Hyde Park and not (insert your favourite park / space / restaurant here).


Hyde Park is huge, it has multiple entrances and is a logistical nightmare for police to try and kettle / prevent the occupation. It has the capacity to provide space for 100,000s if needs be.


There are many routes into Hyde Park, with a massive perimeter it would be nigh on impossible for the police to prevent access to people wanting to join or leave the occupation.

Proximity to targets / actions

The Marble Arch side of Hyde Park (Which is the planned area for occupation) leads right onto Oxford Street which is arguably of the busiest corporate streets in the UK. Close proximity to various embassies of comrades overseas including Algerian Consulate, Egyptian Embassy, Italian Consulate to name but a few. It is approximately 1.5 miles from Whitehall / Parliament square via Buckingham Palace.

TUC March for the alternative

Many thousands of people won’t know about the actions and occupations as they don’t use facebook or social networks, the TUC march is due to finish for speeches at Hyde Park. We can use this opportunity to persuade people to stay and keep the momentum of the resistance going for as long as is needed.

A place for everyone

Not everyone is looking for immediate confrontation, if we chose to take parliament square whilst everyone else gets the coach home, we lose a vast amount of people and taking the space will almost certainly result in some confrontation. Hyde Park is a neutral place for people to decide what actions they want to take part in. If we take parliament square, why not take it with thousands of us with a coordinated set off point.

It certainly isn’t going to just be a place to sit around and drink tea, but more of a safe autonomous space for workshops and planning, it also is a good starting point for marches and launch pad for actions.

In fact we don’t want people to stay at Hyde Park, we want them to set up their tent after the march, find out what actions are taking place then get involved!

Lets occupy as much space as we can!

Solidarity! Resistance!