The March Weekend session on Saturday saw several different projects presenting their plans for covering the massive March for the Alternative TUC demonstrations and actions on March 26th. Most of these projects rely on people participating in order to make them work! Together we are stronger…

Indymedia London will be covering the protests, events and actions with a breaking news timeline, feature articles, and links to other sources of coverage. On the day you can input by texting sms news updates direct to the website on 07943 103736 or by calling in breaking news reports to 07929 469 640. A mobile friendly version of the website is at: and you can follow @londonIMC – You can also publish your reports, pictures, audio and video on the website,  publish an event in the calendar, or highlight other good coverage that’s been published somewhere else on the web. Check the website for further information.

VisionOnTv will be running an embeddable live blog throughout the day, as well as highlighting video content and will be working with people out videoing on the streets. See their handy how-to video Template guides.  A meet up for london video activists is happening this Tuesday 15th at 7pm at the Pembury Tavern, Amhurst Road, Hackney E8 1JH . Follow @visionontv

x26Radio will be streaming live on the net throughout the day providing
coverage and news updates on the hour, every hour. x26Radio is a collaboration between several radical radio collectives including Dissident Island, Radio Kebele and Radio Interference. You can call 020 3239 4569 to record a message, a news update, an interview or speech etc.  All relevant recordings will be streamed on air after being received. The stream will be available via players on mutliple websites including Dissident Island and VisionOnTv.

Resonance FM broadcasting in London on 104.4fm and online will feature a whole day of programming around the cuts and TUC demonstrations starting at 9.30am on Friday 15th called “Strike, Resist, Occupy – A Huge Explosion of Class Hatred and Anger“. They also plan arts and politics programming throughout the day on March 26th.  Details of how to input will be published soon. Follow @resonancefm

Sukey, the anti-kettling info service and phone app will be going live again for the TUC demonstrations, providing demo news updates and a live map of protest and police movements, kettles and flash points. There is a smartphone application and a regular phone version that each allow anyone to volunteer and receive information. See the in-depth info at – Follow @sukeysms