…using songs, singing & noise on the demo

Great workshop at the march weekend with Isa Suarez and devised some  ‘sound interventions’ for the march – see instructions below and youtube link

One proposal is that we get together at the very start of the march and teach people songs, chants and noise ideas  and then have a specific pre-arranged time when everyone sings and encourages all those around them to join in – so that if the sound instigators are scattered though the march, we still get a good outburst of voices at, say exactly 3 o’clock. More suggestions for songs and imaginative chanting etc would be great –

We are having a follow up meeting on:

Friday 18th March, at: 7pm, at: The Really Free School, The Hand and Racquet – 48 Whitcomb Street, London, WC2H 7HA

Link to workshop material..


songs and noises:

1. making a Kettle noise – in two parts – (can be small or large groups) where one group makes a whistling kettle sound and the other makes bubbling noises – who knows, it might boil! If you can’t whistle, you can make a good kettle noise with a PE teacher/carnival whistle

2. singing an adapted version of the chorus of the pop song: ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ (original by the Bangles):

‘All the people on the street

Say way-oh, way-oh

(wa-ey-oh way-oh)

Walk like an Egyptian!’

can just be sung as whole chorus or ‘way-oh’ lines can be divided into two parts if you get time to practice

3. singing this  anti-cuts chant in three parts:

‘Get out, get out

We know what you’re about

Cuts, job losses..

Money for the bosses!’

first group sings: ‘Get out, get out’ continuously throughout

second group sings: ‘We know what you’re about’

third group sings: ‘Cuts, job losses.. money for the bosses!’

4. Experiment with making noises as a chorus that reflect the emotions you feel about the cuts and maybe about being held up on march – very unsettling sounds when lots of people join in together –