Just a little overview of our meeting from Saturday afternoon, about occupied spaces. The full notes will be available to anyone who can make it down to the next meeting, on Thursday at 5.30 at the Really Free School

We covered three main areas of discussion:

  • Recent and current projects: Anti-cuts Space, Really Free School, Gadaffi’s House, Grow Heathrow, Save Dale Farm, Off Market, Social Centre Plus
  • Why take space? Discussion of the political significance of occupation and its utility as a tactic. Short term and longer term occupation and squatting
  • Organising for March 26th.

From the last area of discussion arose some action points:

  • A flyer/leaflet explaining the importance of occupation and encouraging other groups to do it
  • Communicating with Sukey about a constantly updated map of spaces
  • Organising convergence space for visitors from outside London
  • Possibly a how-to guide to taking and holding space, and what to do once you’re in to keep yourselves entertained and useful
  • Another meeting: Thursday at 5.30 at the Really Free School – Come!