Treasure Hunt Map-Making: matching collective and collaborative exercises and games to specific locations around the march, to counter-map the city and its icons with our own bodies and images, as well as other treasures you may find on the demo – solidarity, flirts, etc. For this we decided one representative of each group to email their instructions for this tool-kit (maps, songs, exercises etc) – then we can collate them to circulate them as a map.

7pm, friday 18th march,

Really Free School – The Hand and Racquet – 48 Whitcomb Street, London, WC2H 7HA


This is a follow up on the nanopolitics workshop on how to engage at the margins of a demo…

Here is the link to the treasure map idea that came out of ‘How to Engage at the Margins of a Demo’ from the weekend, it will be updated so please check back:

Google Pin marks the spot