We want to invite you to an evening discussion at the Bunhouse focusing on recent and future Commonist Gallery strategy/thinking – to celebrate our first pub(lic) outing.


We are taking the CGTV booth to Pub in Peckham. The BUNHOUSE – 96 Peckham High Street, SE15

see map for location:


At the beginning of a week of protest and marches we hope to discuss issues to do with working together as artists, working in common and how that work might be (or is) valued.

Questions to talk about might include:

1) When it is ok to work for free and when it is not  (for whom, when and what?) ?

2)  How do we continue to make a ‘common space’  of art ?

3) What next?


But the main motivating factor in the evening is to get together as many of the Commonist gallery contributors for a drink and some frank discussion.

If you have something you would like us to discuss then please get in touch.

We  know it is very short notice but think its important to be having these discussions now.

CGTV Gallery will be staying in the Bun House for a week, so drop by and give your contributions. More information here art-agora.blogspot.com

All very best Charlie Fox and Andrew Cooper.