Art schools face uncertain financial future

“Goldsmiths also faces the loss of its teaching budget as it only runs arts and humanities courses, which have been particularly hard hit by the funding cuts. The postgraduate Royal College of Art (RCA) plans to increase student numbers by 50% over the next three years to increase its income. But of the big London art schools, University of the Arts London faces perhaps the greatest challenge. A relatively new university, it has undergone a series of significant structural changes, including the recent amalgamation of Byam Shaw School of Art and Central Saint Martins (CSM). (…) Not only is it set to lose almost all its public funding for teaching over the next three years, but like other universities set up after 1992, it has already lost millions of pounds of research funding.”

“There’s a danger we could dismantle art education in response to market demand. To be honest, I think everyone is in a state of shock. I don’t think anyone believed this could happen. It’s such an assault on the success UK art schools have demonstrated over the past 20 years.” Mark Dunhill, Dean of Fine Art, UAL

“I don’t think anyone believed this could happen.” Really??? Arts Against Cuts have been warning about this all along! This is what we tried to get into everybody’s heads at the protest at the Turner Prize:

  • The Turner Prize needs art schools.
  • The Tate would be empty without art schools.
  • We are not just fighting the fees we are fighting philistinism; culture is invaluable.
  • Education should be free for all, not a product for purchase.
  • We act in solidarity with public sector workers.