Join the public forum on the 8th of June 7pm (venue TBC – Central London)

Speakers Include:

  • Jody McIntyre
  • Alfie Meadows
  • Tony Benn
  • UK Uncut
  • Bryan Simpson (arrested for occupying Millbank)
  • The Guillotine 3 (under suspicion for conspiracy to commit street theatre during the Royal Wedding)
  • John Mcdonnell MP
  • Sara Tomlinson –NUT & Stop Kettling our Kids

The right to protest is under serious threat. From the student protests to the M26 TUC anti-cuts demonstration, the police are resorting to extreme tactics including kettling, mounted horse charges and battering.

These actions are designed to intimidate and undermine the movement against government cuts. They represent serious attacks on our right to protest – that we can beat.

The best way to defend our right to protest – is by protesting. But we must also campaign to make sure no one is left behind – not Alfie Meadows or Bryan Simpson or the Fortnum & Mason occupiers all of whom face prison terms for taking a stand against cuts.

Support arrested protesters

The meeting has been called to build support for Alfie Meadows, Bryan Simpson, Fortnum & Masons occupiers and other protesters facing hearings over the next few weeks.

Show your support for them.
9th June (Alfie Meadows)

10th June (Bryan Simpson)

Westminster City Court, 70 Horseferry Road, at 9am on each day.
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Alfie Meadows & Bryan Simpson