David Willetts puts his faith in space, dinosaurs and the ‘absorptive capacity’ of British science.  Image: Cian O’Luanaigh/Guardian

It is extremely disappointing when the news was revealed that David Willetts, the UK Minister of Universities and Science has been booked to speak at the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre. This has not been publicized on the Official SOAS Website, nor has it been circulated among the members of SOAS. Our Director, Paul Webley, has ignored any questions regarding his opinion about the Vote of No Confidence against David Willetts for 9 …days now. He has also claimed ignorance about the establishment of the New College of the Humanities that is planned to become part of the University of London in September 2012. This has all happened while Mr. Willetts has been booked to speak here for at least a week and while our Director has been the deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of London. Its difficult to make a balanced opinion about this because he still has yet to host a Students’ Address.

The lecture is part of the Neville Butler Memorial lecture Series titled: ‘The Public Benefit from Science and Research’. I can only imagine this is going to follow a paradigm that stems from a dominant power structure that continuously tries to self-justify itself. This is research based on statistics, demand curves and expectations that are linked to past results, endemic failures and methods of social control. This has enormous potential to continuously narrow the amount of diversity that can happen in the future since the future is being carved out of average results that have been been gathered through manipulated method interpreting past action.

We need people here on Monday. If you were unable to attend the EGM and agree that David Willetts, the Governments’ Policy bias policy against the arts and humanities and the new tuition fee regime are all socially detrimental we need you to come and protest with presence, music, ideas and debate.

Until then, SOAS SU

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