Not content with inflicting it on us, Iain Duncan Smith is pushing the “wonders” of workfare in New Zealand.

Workfare is having to work for nothing to qualify for benefits. That means slavery to those forced onto it. They’ll be replacing paid workers, including sacked trades union members.

On Friday he will be bullshitting in Auckland, hosted by yet another pro-wage slashing Right-wing “Think” Tank. Members of Auckland Action Against Poverty will be there to tell him where to go.

They have asked for solidarity from those already at the sharp end in this country.

So we’re asking everyone to take part in a phone blockade of his Centre for Social (In)Justice on Friday 22 between 11am-1pm (Feel free to carry on later though!)

Ring 0207-340-9650 or email

You might choose to:

  • Not hang up, thus blocking up one of their phone lines
  • Question how they think they can get away with claiming they’re working for Social Justice
  • Ask them why they’re working with workfare provider A4E and the Taxpayer’s Alliance to develop policy
  • Point out their enquiry into modern slavery should probably take into account their founder’s flagship policy of forcing people to work for their benefits!
  • Tell them that New Zealanders won’t let their bullshit be exported!


You may also like to send a message of solidarity to Auckland Action Against Poverty

for more info on Workfare:!/WelfareUncut