Last year the Tory-Lib Dem government scrapped EMA and raised university tuition fees to £9000, betraying election pledges and effectively pricing many of us out of education. Now the government is attempting to push through a wave of privatisation that threatens to make universities about profit and management, not about students or social justice. Going to uni or getting a decent job will become even more the preserve of the rich.

Last year students, pupils and workers fought back with mass protests, strikes and waves of direct action. We were the biggest youth rebellion since the 1960s, and we aren’t going away. Together we can save education and the welfare state from the Tories.

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is calling for a national demonstration on Wednesday November 9th on the streets of London, and for localised student walkouts beforehand and afterwards. Further details will be announced soon.

We are calling for an organising meeting to be held in the next month, open to all so that we can work out all the details. Date and venue to be confirmed. We invite all other student campaigns, NUS groups and trade unions to work with us to build this demonstration. Email againstfeesandcuts@gmail.c​om to get in touch.

Join the fightback. Start organising for November 9th.
– get your students’ union on board
– run speaker events and stalls on your campus
– support lecturers’ and public sector strikes for pensions
– spread the word!

No Fees, No Cuts!
Bring Back EMA!
Stop Privatisation!

*Taken from NCAFC