We stand in full solidarity with those rioting and strongly disagree with their vilification and the dismissal, taking place by the media, politicians and elsewhere, of the rioting and rioters as “not political” “mindless” “opportunistic” “evil” and “thugs” . The riots must be seen in the context of years of repetitive stop and searches, repressive, corrupt and murderous policing, youth club closures, the withdrawal of ema, 75 % cuts to youth services, increases in tuition fees and a future of forced labour on workfare rates of £2.25 per hour . As the Government continues to pilage from communities livelihoods and welfare, and rob them of equality and justice, the blame for the tragedy of the homes and small businesses that were lost over the weekend should be laid squarely at systemic structural inequalities and their effects.

We hope that the new and established organised and ultra left will show their solidarity by self questioning, mutual learning, a much needed and greater examination of class, race and youth within our movement and our society and, importantly, by organising with those that are excluded….continuing with escalations in resistance, demonstrations, assemblies, work place and community organising, direct action, discussion and mutual-aid. Whatever it takes and as soon as possible to stop the destruction of our communities by the neo-liberal agenda and its logic of austerity.