This is the second meeting for our anti-capitalist feminist group. We create a self-identifying women only space in which we discuss different types of oppression we have faced, whether it be in the leftist movement or in our personal lives. The group is still in its infancy and it seems that it’s name shall probably remain as “women’s group” for the time being. Feel free to make suggestions regarding this issue.

Self-identifying women only groups are important for providing a space in which women can build solidarity with eachother. Furthermore political meetings and democratic decision making spaces have been historically male dominated and continue to be. Women only groups give the opportunity to remove a patriarchal presence which may inhibit our expression as women and the process with which we form ideas together.

After we have made some of our decisions and formed our ideas together we can then feed back to a mixed group to allow for transparency. We have also vaguely considered organising some mixed meetings, however the importance of women only spaces is to be stressed.

Our discussion topics will vary from the economic and sociopolitical to the personal. We hope to create an environment which welcomes half-formed ideas aswell as proposals and therefore allows everyone to participate in discussion.

22 August · 19:00 – 22:00 more or less.


62 Fieldgate street, E1 1ES

Facebook event here:

All self-defining women are welcome. Bring and share food and drinks.