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Here is the proposed draft of an initial statement of the No Riot Evictions campaign. We will be trying to get a very wide range of people to sign this to build the largest campaign possible. Just to make it clear, our pledge to do ‘all that we can’ is a genuine one. We cannot and will not allow this to happen. Let us know what you think about the text below and we will be releasing it on the new No Riot Evictions blog hopefully later today.

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We oppose the threatened eviction of council tenants where they or members of their household have been associated with the unrest that has spread through the UK.

Politically motivated evictions by local authorities represent a disturbingly crude form of extra-judicial punishment.

Eviction will have a disastrous impact on family members, including young children, against whom there are no allegations of wrongdoing.

Despite attempts by certain elements to distract from this, the rioting had clear roots in poverty and exclusion – and homelessness will only foment and exacerbate these problems.

It is spiteful, and demonstrates a startling lack of maturity on the part of the Council and central government.

Rather than attempting to spread fear or further ostracise, we should be spending our time considering practical ways in which we can ensure that everyone has a stake in their communities.

We pledge to do all that we can to stop these evictions taking place.