The Vanished

Posted on August 18, 2011 by anticutsspace

If a riot is the language of the unheard then the government and judiciary intend to keep it that way.

Only a smattering of photographs from the first batch of rioters have been shown and, after intervention by the police, government and CPS directive, virtually none now are being bailed.  All are in cells, vans or prison – unseen and unheard.

Amongst the thousands of unfortunates picked up by the police there are thousands of stories with them that will disrupt our national narrative of the restoration of English decency backed up by vengeance,.

The only images we see – of those that we have up until this point ignored – are the ‘wanted’ pictures.  Typical grainy images that instantly denote ‘criminal’ ‘dangerous’ ‘different’.  We will probably never have seen ourselves on CCTV footage or police mugshots, but we see our ‘enemies’ regularly in these frames as categorised by the state.  The wholesome image of the Hackney tea party or Clapham broom army juxtaposed with darkened, blurred hooded figures from a completely different planet to ours stand alongside each other in the newspapers.  Some of ‘these people’ are still out there.

Tip offs, stop and searches and unfortunate ‘shoppers’ leaving it too late to grab some loot seem to make up the bulk of the first mass wave of imprisonment.   Houses are raided violently at dawn for tennis rackets, shorts and T-shirts, children beaten up in shops for chewing gum, bottles of water and ‘looking around’ the day after.  They are then vanished into the judicial bureaucracy that has been tasked with appeasing an angry country and re-affirming the English way of life, whilst simultaneously making a mockery of the law by ripping up sentencing guidelines and ruining people’s lives for very minor offences.

Widespread are the stories (although not in the media) of people who have simply disappeared. Friends who went out on Monday night and never came back.  The numbers are too large for a proper accounting of everybody.  This is not fightback its payback.  Payback to people hardly involved in the riots at all – payback to a class.  It is usual for whole ranges of these offences being considered for people to arrive at court by appointment, however journalists stand and wait outside magistrates courts increasingly accepting that they are wasting their time.  Serco vans with blacked out windows are driven past at speed regularly, (24 hours a day as we are repeatedly told), into the bowels of the court.  The defendant is brought up the stairs to the screened dock – blocked off from the bureaucracy that is to study, judge and decide on them.  They are jailed taken back down the stairs into the van and are vanished once again.  The only words confirm names and dates of birth.

This silencing is ensuring the complete seperation of ‘them’ and ‘us’, the decent, ordinary, hardworking majority and the feral underclass, the morally sick that threaten our decent streets.  Nothing is being allowed to disrupt this narrative, to set up the permanent persecution of a class that is on its way.  Next time we do see ‘them’ will not be to hear voices but to further complete the monopolisation of an authentic ‘English’ community and complete this seperation.  Nick (‘new age of freedom’) Clegg has promised an angry public ‘they’ will be in ‘highly visible orange clothing’ making amends to ‘the communities’ they have damaged.  The only funny side to all this is how it is such an insignificant and supposedly liberal figure as Clegg can unironically slip into the role of a world superpower enabling the suspension of citizenship and the practice of such fascism through his designation of criminals as outsiders who are at once those who wear the orange suits and nothing but the orange suits they wear.

How recently it was that ‘decent’ people locked up faceless ‘threats to civilisation’ in Guantanamo bay to the horror of many now cheering on excessive jail terms for faceless minors.  ‘They’ too vanished in dawn raids (also from tip offs settling old grudges).  From the Bagram airbase holding cells to Guantanamo Bay a process of ripping up ‘legal frameworks’ and inventing new ones to justify the kidnap of ‘others’ ensued.  Serco doesn’t do extraordinary rendition flights (although they certainly will have looked into the possibility of such) but they are making a killing from keeping ‘these people’ in a vanished state.

The consequences of this monopolisation of authentic English communites in opposition and exclusion to an unseen unwanted other is obvious.  Even the BBC ran its report of 16,000 police militarising the streets of London under the rolling headline of ‘England Fights Back’.  If ‘we’ are England who are they?

Of course ‘understanding’ is not sought by politicians as they ride the wave of public fear.  To understand would be to open up the possibility that we in fact don’t live in a defined ‘community’ (a community being rapidly constructed in opposition to and in conflict with Untermenschen), but in fact a society.  A society that is based on class conflict and competition over resources.  A society that is at war.


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