The Senate House cleaners as well as some of the residence hall cleaners are
going on unofficial strike tomorrow morning at 8 am at Senate House.  As
they are taking an enormous risk they could use all the support they can get
so if anyone could make it that would be good.


the news is that cleaners have been demanding their pay for months. Several have been denied their wages for 3 months and some of the extra pay for weekend shifts for up to 4. Some have been evicted but so far the only one that we have met in this situation is a spanish citizen that has no family in the UK. Here is the info in the flyer attached:

Balfour Beatty is a company that has made £3.9 Billion in profit during the past financial term and has had the cleaning contract in Senate House, Stewart House and the UofL Halls of Residence since the 15th of November.  However these earnings have not translated into better service for customers as the Halls nor have they been used to improve the situation of their workforce. Complaints from the cleaners that are now employed by them include:

–          Not having been paid for up to 3 months

–          Not being paid the Extra hour Premium that corresponds to them

–          Being paid a poverty wage of £6.15 an hour

–          Being forced to use a new pin and phone system to show that you have arrived at work. This is a new system that has been introduced by the company yet training has been scarce and is used to justify non-payment

–          South American Cleaners are being taken advantage because of their lack of English skills.

–          When Balfour Beatty does pay some cleaners the money that has been owed to them over several months it is done in a lump sum at the end of a single month. The tax that gets taken from their wages is attached to the sum that they receive at the end of the month. This means that they are taxed for an amount that they do not regularly earn and reclaiming this money is extremely difficult and time consuming.

–          Unison has been working to change this but empty promises by the contractors have led to the Union being ridiculed and members threaten mass disaffiliation.