End the Arms Trade! Defend the Right to Protest!

March from Westminster to the Arms Fair, Wednesday 14th September


A march for peace and freedom will take place on Wednesday 14th September, from Westminster to the Excel Centre in east London, where DSEi (Defence and Security Equipment International), the world’s biggest arms fair will be in progress.


In recent months, citizens have been slaughtered by the day in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria and elsewhere by totalitarian regimes that refuse to recognise their right to peaceful protest. To carry out this repression, governments have used arms sold to them by British companies through arms fairs like DSEi.


The British government spends millions of pounds defending the ‘right’ of arms companies to ply their wares undisturbed at DSEi, whilst forbidding citizens from marching peacefully and exercising their hard won rights to freedom of expression and association.


It is vital that we make the link between defending the right of citizens to protest peacefully and the arms trade.


Meet 10am, Kingsgate House – home of the Government’s arms export division, UKTI DSO – 66-74 Victoria Street, London. SW1E 6SW

(5-10 min walk from Victoria tube and train stations)


More info about the DSEi arms fair: