A Design Brief for Boycott Workfare.

The Brief:

To design and create imagery/poster art as part of a wider campaign, which
questions the logic of both the governments’ ideology and economic strategy
– i.e. cuts and the idea of people having to work for nothing, on workfare
schemes and the wider contradiction of this policy. If a company can get free
unpaid labour, then why employ a paid member of staff? But if people are
not being paid wages then how can they spend money to help the economy
recover?  Graduates will find themselves fast tracked onto workfare (being
under 25), and instead of being paid to be creative, you will be forced to
use your creativity for free. If your lucky. You could be forced to work 9-5 in
Primark for no wages.

This design brief is part of a wider multi-media campaign aims to draw
attention to:

The impact of the life chances of graduates and young people
The injustice of people having to undertake workfare
Companies and charities making millions from, and implementing workfare.
Peoples paid jobs being replaced by unpaid forced labour ‘volunteers’
The fact that workfare will replace paid jobs
That workfare will undermine people’s wages and standard of living.

So perhaps it might be an idea to create images which are not too detailed,
and which in terms of design incorporate (where applicable/possible in
relation to the concept)

-Clear imagery
-Clear lettering

It would also be great if someone could knock up some fake adverts, which
incorporate the logo and colour schemes of the companies and the charities
involved in workfare. (See appendix)

Generic re-usable designs, into which a variety of different slogans could be
inserted, would also be cool.

Size: A2, A3, A4 & A5 (Each size has specific purpose and use in mind, e.g.
larger posters can be placed upon placards. There is a special plan for the A4

Feel free to come up with express yourself the imagery doesn’t need slogans
Examples of actual slogans for use, and concepts with which to base a design
around, are as follows:

Beware Workfare

Workfare: making you unemployed

No pay? That’ll be workfare.

Workfare: Making bankers millions.

Oxfam: Profiting from workfare

A4E: Profiting from poverty

Workfare.Taking away your job soon.

Workfare. Taking away paid jobs.

I don’t need to hire staff thanks to workfare.

Is a volunteer taking your paid job?

I get staff free thanks to workfare.

I don’t pay wages thanks to workfare.

Low pay? That’ll be the workfare

Workfare. Taking your job soon.

Workfare doesn’t work and isn’t fair

Workfare: Forcing wages down.

Paid staff? Not anymore, I use workfare

Paid staff? Why Bother? I use workfare

Are you about to be replaced by someone on workfare?

Is your low pay becoming no pay? That’ll be workfare.

Paid staff? Don’t make me laugh! I get workers free thanks to welfare!

Feeling the squeeze? That’ll be the workfare

Workfare: replacing you with forced labour.

ATOS: Getting away with murder.

A4e: We’ll kick you when your down

Lost your job? Don’t worry, you will have to do it for free on workfare!
Unemployed? Don’t worry you’ll soon be working for free thanks to workfare
Would you work for your boss for free? Thought not. Beware workfare.
Redundant? Your’ve just lost your job to workfare.
Lost your job? You will work for free thanks to workfare.
Ive just sacked John. He’ll be back doing his job for free thanks to workfare.
Ive just sacked Kelly. She’ll be back doing her job for free thanks to workfare.
Why hire staff, when you can get free staff from workfare?
Do you like the idea of 9-5, 24/7 for no pay? Thought not. But that’s workfare.
He’ll be back doing his job for free thanks to workfare.
Fired? You’ll be back working for free thanks to workfare.
Would you work for free? Neither would we.
Workfare slavery: Coming to a workplace near you…
Unpaid staff: Coming to a workplace near you
Unpaid staff: coming to your workplace soon…
Graduated? No job? In debt? Don’t worry you’ll have to work for free thanks to
Are you a psychopath? Do you enjoy hurting people? Then join A4e!

please email designs to artsagainstcuts@gmail.com