Monday, Sep 26th – 7pm
First Floor, 316-318 Bethnal Green Road
In less than a year, the people in the UK have spoken twice. First, there was the winter of discontent of the student protests, which saw an upsurge in and political activity that had not been seen for quite some time. If that movement did not succeed in its stated aims — stopping the coalition’s ‘reform’ of higher education –, the energy and desires that were mobilised then are still around. What to do with them? Then, there was the summer of rioting, the conservative backlash against which has not been matched by any substantial response from the left. How to react to them, not morally or in abstract terms, but politically? How to bridge the gap between these two moments? Is it possible to bring winter and summer together?
The people have spoken will be an informal evening of screenings and debate around these questions. We invite you to come with suggestions of film clips that can help illuminate the different aspects of the problems, and with the disposition to think collectively about collective ways of intervening in what is happening in the UK now.

If the people have already spoken, the task is now to find out what they’ve said, give it a voice, and make it loud.