Millionaire Iain Duncan Smith wants you to join his army of unpaid workers. Come and expose his doublespeak!

Kicking off the Month of Action Against Benefit Cuts:

Help us expose IDS’ doublespeak and ensure the LSE does not legitimise his poisonous policies.

5.30pm-6.30pm, Thursday 1 December LSE Campus, Aldwych (Nearest tube: Holborn).   Meet outside the entrance to The Old Building, Houghton Street (demo may move when venue for talk is announced) or 5.30 outside sainsburys opposite holborn tube.

On Thursday 1st December, Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for the DWP, will continue his mission of ideological poison against welfare with a high-profile talk at respected academic institution LSE. IDS who himself models ‘millionaire spouse dependency’ culture, and who has repeatedly lied about his own CV, educational attainment, and made dubious expense claims as an MP (for payments to his millionaire wife)  is in no position to talk about “troubled neighbourhoods”. Ignoring the facts, he claimed that the riots of August were caused by welfare dependency and gangs.

A few examples of Iain Duncan Smith’s “innovative policies on tackling poverty”

  • Purging disabled people from sickness benefits.
  • Forcing unemployed people to work without pay for multi-million pound companies including Tesco, Asda and Poundland.
  • Rolling out Universal Credit which will subject people who are currently in work, to the same draconian rules applied to those on unemployment benefits.
  • Spending a few days on a housing estate in Scotland.

Despite this, Iain Duncan Smith:

  • Has perversely set up a think-tank called The Centre for Social Justice!
  • Has been billed at this LSE event as talking about how to “create better futures for our most disadvantaged children” and defending Sure Start! Yeah right.

Join us as we ensure that “the quiet man” is not here to stay. We are turning up the volume!