Following The Baader Meinhof Complex screening on Tuesday 11th January (facebook event), New Gallery London will host a night of talks, discussions and debates surrounding the current student protests – in particular looking at the recent student occupations.

On Thursday 13th January, representatives will be present from (but not limited to) those involved in occupations at the Slade, UCL, SOAS, LSE, Goldsmiths and Camberwell colleges. People will also be present from further afield in Leeds, Oxford, Brighton and Cambridge.

Presentations will be given, including a talk from those at the Coalition for Resistance.

The nature of the event will be open to all and inclusive. Anyone can turn up, sit round, listen and contribute. We aim to facilitate a non-hierarchical, passionate exchange in order to learn, teach and disseminate ideas surrounding the current student occupations.

Spread the word. Check out the facebook group.

See you there!